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Complete Buff and Debuff Guide

Updated: May 26, 2022

Below you can find a list of all the Major and Minor buffs and debuffs that exist in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). There are also a few other named buffs and debuffs that are listed that aren't within the Major and Minor system. Most of the buffs and debuffs a player has access to are placed within the Major and Minor system. Major being the bigger value than Minor. You can find a more in depth description of how these buffs and debuffs interact with each other in the bottom part of this page. it is important to understand that you can't stack two of the same Major or Minor buffs. For example if you use Unstoppable Brute in combination with Volatile Armor, you will only gain the Major Resolve buff once and not twice, because the same Major buff doesn't stack. However, combining Major Resolve and Minor Resolve will work, because you can combine a Major and a Minor of the same buff or debuff. For example, you could use Volatile Armor in combination with Combat Prayer and gain both Major Resolve and Minor Resolve.

  • Same Major categories don't stack: Major Resolve + Major Resolve = Doesn't stack.

  • Different Major categories stack: Major Resolve + Major Evasion = Does stack.

  • Major + Minor categories stack: Major Resolve + Minor Resolve = Does stack.

  • Same rules apply for the Minor categories.

  • Unique buffs and debuffs do stack with Major and Minor buffs and debuffs.

  • You can have multiple Major and Minor buffs and debuffs of different types active at the same time.

Increases the damage of your Light, Medium and Heavy Attacks by 40%.

Decreases Damage Taken in Dungeons & Trials by 10%

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