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Magcro PVP Healer - Poison Doctor

Table of Contents

  1. Overview (Race, Mundus, Attributes, Food, Potion)

  2. Gear

  3. Champion Points

  4. Skills

  5. Rotation

  6. Passives


Poison Doctor

This is a great beginner PVP build. For those that are looking to get into pvp but have no clue where to start, look no further! This build is simple to use and uses familiar healing skills to keep your group and or faction alive in PVP. We also have an optional back bar to deal some damage to help your group apply pressure. Keep in mind PVP builds are personal, just because it works for me does not mean that it will work for you. You will want to change the build according to your play style.

  • Race: Argonian or Breton is ideal

  • Mundus: The Atronach

  • Attributes: 34 Points in Magicka / 30 Health

  • Food: Smoked Bear Haunch (expensive but needed for health and recovery)

  • Potion: Tri Stat Potion

Links to Gear Locations


Mark of the Pariah

Eternal Vigor



Front Bar

Back Bar

Rotation and Use


Summoner's Armor: Granting you Major Resolve, increasing your Physical Resistance and Spell Resistance by 5948 for 20 seconds. While active, reduce the cost of Blastbones, Skeletal Mage, and Spirit Mender by 15%. Creates a corpse when the effect completes. Always keep this up.

Spirit Guardian: The spirit heals you or the lowest Health ally around you every 2 seconds, restoring 1370 Health. While active 10% of the damage you take is transferred to the spirit instead. Creates a corpse on death. Always keep this skill active

Unstable Wall of Elements Ice: Create an icy barrier, dealing 316 Frost Damage to enemies in the area every 1 second and applying Unstable Frost Shield for 6 seconds on you and nearby allies that absorbs up to 4267 damage from projectiles. Chilled enemies become immobilized for 4 seconds. When the effect ends, the barrier explodes, dealing 1799 Frost Damage and applying Unstable Frost Shield for 6 seconds to you and nearby allies that absorbs up to 2065 damage from projectiles.


Radiating Regeneration: Healing you or up to 3 nearby allies for 5988 over 10 seconds. This is your spamable heal that you will want to cast while your group is in battle to help mitigate incoming damage

Combat Prayer: heals you and your allies in front of you for 2784 Health. Also grants Minor Berserk and Minor Resolve increasing you and your allies' damage done by 5% and Physical Resistance and Spell Resistance by 2974 for 10 seconds. Important for buffing your group in battle, PVP is all about the buffs

Enduring Undeath: Consumes a corpse on cast to continue to heal you and your allies in the area for 2390 Health over 5 seconds. You can consume up to 5 additional corpses on cast, with each corpse extending the duration of the heal over time by 5 seconds. You will want to place this over doors you are seiging or heavy battle coke points for extra an area of healing. Make sure you are using your ability that drops a corpse to take full advantage of this morph.


Class - All

Destruction Staff - Elemental Force 2/2 - Ancient Knowledge 2/2 - Destruction Expert 2/2

Light Armor - All

Medium Armor - All

Heavy Armor - All

Undaunted - All

Assault - All

Racial Skills - All

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