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MagSorc DPS - Master Battlemage

Table of Contents

  1. Overview (Race, Mundus, Attributes, Food, Potion)

  2. Gear (Trial Setup)

  3. Gear (Dungeon Setup)

  4. Gear (Crafted Setup)

  5. Champion Points

  6. Skills

  7. Rotation

  8. Passives

Overview Master Battlemage

The Master Battlemage build is an staff and two hander build. This build is a very strong mix of close/long range combat. It is very user friendly and easy to learn and use. Pets are a strong source of damage from the build and takes off the need to have 3 extra skills in the rotation. The backbar provides a good source of Damage over Time abilities, some nice gap closer, and a small damage shield. While the frontbar permits you to still be able to attack things at close and long range.

  • Race: Khajiit

  • Mundus: The Thief

  • Attributes: 64 Points in Magicka

  • Food: Ghastly Eye Bowl

  • Potion: Essence of Spell Power

Ingredients for Essence of Spell Power

  1. Lady’s Smock, Namira’s Rot, Violet Corpinus

  2. Lady’s Smock, Water Hyacinth, Violet Corpinus

Gear (Trial Setup)

Links to Gear Locations


Perfected Whorl of the Depths

Harpooner's Wading Kilt

Kinras's Wrath

Perfected Maelstrom Greatsword

Gear (Dungeon Setup)

Links to Gear Locations


Mothers Sorrow

Kinras's Wrath

Maelstrom Greatsword

Gear (Crafted Setup)

Links to Gear Locations

Assassin's Guile

Law of Julianos

Order's Wrath

Champion Points


Front Bar

Back Bar

Rotation and Use

You will want to prebuff with the summon volatile familiar and summon twilight tormentor. Use daedric prey, and then close the gap with stampede. Cast carve, and then barbed trap. Be sure to recast carve before the timer ends to keep the stacks up, this ensures that you don't need to cast this skill as often and can get more spammable skills in the rotation. The main spammable of the build is Crystal Fragments. Once the boss drops under 20% you will be casting Mages' Wrath as the execute move and only cast Crystal Fragments if it is triggered.


Class - All

Two Handed - All

Destruction Staff - All

Light Armor - All

Medium Armor - All

Fighters Guild - All

Mages Guild - All

Undaunted - All

Racial Skills - All Alchemy - Medicinal Use 3/3 Provisioning - Connoisseur 3/3

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