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Stamblade PVP - One Blade

Table of Contents

  1. Overview (Race, Mundus, Attributes, Food, Potion)

  2. Gear Set Setup

  3. Champion Points

  4. Skills

  5. Rotation

  6. Passives


One Blade Build

The One Blade Build is a beginner friendly Sneak Blade build that is strong enough to gank, fight toe to toe if needed, and be able to take on more than one enemy at a time with a bit of practice. This build only uses one bar which give you few skills to manage, to help you focus on your environment.

  • Race: Dark Elf ( for Flame Resistance) or Any Stamina Based Race will work

  • Vampire Stage 4 (You can use stage 3 if you are having trouble keeping your health topped off)

  • Mundus: The Warrior

  • Attributes: 12 Points in Health / 52 Points in Stamina

  • Food: Orzorg's Smoked Bear Haunch

  • Potion: Tri Stat Potion


KEY NOTES: Once you get comfortable with this build you can start switching out Impen for Divines, which will allow you to hit harder. However this comes after a lot of practice with roll dodging, shade, line of site etc.

If you are having trouble with sustain, you can switch your Oakensoul enchant to:

Glyph of Prismatic Recovery or Glyph of Reduce Skill Cost.


Balorgh Monster Set

Stygian Set


Oakensoul Ring


Front Bar

Rotation and Use:

You will want to approach your enemies from stealth. Vampire stage 4 sprinting will help you go into stealth, make sure you press crouch when you come to a stop to remain in stealth (this requires some practice to get timing down). Use

Shadowy Disguise: Use before your opener, use before you cast Incapacitation strike, use before you case Merciless Resolve

Surprise Attack: This is your spamable, make sure you attack from behind to CC your target

Merciless Resolve: Cast this skill to start stacking light and or heavy attacks to 5 stacks. Upon getting 5 stacks the skill will turn into a bow skill called Assassins will that will fire an arrow dealing MASSIVE damage on next use. Make sure you use Shadowy Disguise before hand to ensure a crit. Also make note, this skill will do more damage if you are OUTSIDE mele range. Most times your damage will be so high it wont matter, however keep this in mind when fighting skilled PVPERS.

Shadow Image: This is a tough skill to master but once you do it can make you VERY hard to kill. You will place this down as your get away "spot". If you are fighting in a place that has stairs place it on the first floor and kite your targets to the 2nd floor, once you are getting pressured hit the skill again to return to your shadow image on the 1st floor. Place this skill behind line of sight, get creative stay alive!


Class - All

Two Handed - All

Heavy Armor - All

Medium Armor - All

Fighters Guild - All

Mages Guild - All

Undaunted - All

Racial Skills - All

Assault - All Alchemy - Medicinal Use 3/3 Provisioning - Connoisseur 3/3

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