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Stamcro DPS - Elemental Massacre

Table of Contents

  1. Overview (Race, Mundus, Attributes, Food, Potion)

  2. Gear (Trial Setup)

  3. Gear (Dungeon Setup)

  4. Gear (Crafted Setup)

  5. Champion Points

  6. Skills

  7. Rotation

  8. Passives

Overview Elemental Massacre

The Elemental Massacre build is the stamina version of the Undead Elementalist build. It is a sought out support DPS for trial groups. It provides the group with a strong buff to their DPS by providing extra Critical Damage to each of the elements applied to the enemy. The main aspect to the build is the gear set Elemental Catalyst farmed out of the Stone Garden. The Necromancer is one of the classes that have more options to apply different elements, the Boneyard will apply the frost weakness, Mystic Siphon will apply the shock weakness, and Scalding Rune (from Mages Guild) will apply the fire weakness. This variant of the build hits harder, however you lose some uptime on the flame weakness. With the Undead Elementalist you can have a 97% flame weakness uptime, with the Stamina version as you wait for the Scalding rune to activate you are losing uptime, so you might have 84% uptime with flame weakness instead. Once you learn the rotation and can keep the uptimes of the 3 elemental weaknesses, put out crazy amount of damage, and keep the group DPS boosted as well. This variant is a dual wield with a two hander build, you will be constantly in melee range so you will need to pay close attention to where you are positioned in the fight. This build does has a learning curve, the more you play with it and remember to cast Blastbones every 3 skills during your rotation, the more damage you will be able to put out.

  • Race: Dark Elf

  • Mundus: The Thief

  • Attributes: 64 Points in Stamina

  • Food: Lava Foot Soup-And-Saltrice

  • Potion: Essence of Weapon Power

Ingredients for Essence of Weapon Power

  • Dragonthorn, Blessed Thistle, Water Hyacinthe

  • Dragonthorn, Blessed Thistle, Wormwood

Gear (Trial Setup)

Links to Gear Locations


Perfected Relequen

Harpooner's Wading Kilt

Elemental Catalyst

Perfected Maelstrom Greatsword

Gear (Dungeon Setup)

Links to Gear Locations


Kinra's Wrath

Elemental Catalyst

Maelstrom Greatsword

Champion Points


Front Bar

Back Bar

Rotation and Use

You will want to prebuff with the Skeletal Arcanist, and then Deadly Cloak before you engage with the enemies, you will then want to cast Stalking Blastbones, and then you you can use two skills before you need to go back to the front bar to recast Blastbones. You also want to ensure to cast carve before the timer runs out to keep it at the max stacks, this makes it so that you don't have to cast it as often during the fight.


Class - All

Dual Wield - All

Two Handed - All

Light Armor - All

Medium Armor - All

Fighters Guild - All

Mages Guild - All

Undaunted - All

Racial Skills - All Alchemy - Medicinal Use 3/3 Provisioning - Connoisseur 3/3

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