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Stamden DPS - Toxic Marksman

Table of Contents

  1. Overview (Race, Mundus, Attributes, Food, Potion)

  2. Gear (Trial Setup)

  3. Gear (Dungeon Setup)

  4. Gear (Crafted Setup)

  5. Champion Points

  6. Skills

  7. Rotation

  8. Situational Gear and Skills

  9. Passives

Overview Toxic Marksman

The Toxic Marksman build is a double bow build. This build is a very strong range build. We wanted to keep the amount of damage over time abilities casted to a minimum so there's a little less to focus on while your performing the rotation. It has some strong AOE skills as well that should clear out trash very quickly.

  • Race: Dark Elf

  • Mundus: The Thief

  • Attributes: 64 Points in Stamina

  • Food: Lava Foot Soup-And-Saltrice

  • Potion: Essence of Weapon Power

Ingredients for Essence of Weapon Power

  • Dragonthorn, Blessed Thistle, Water Hyacinthe

  • Dragonthorn, Blessed Thistle, Wormwood

Gear (Trial Setup)



Front Bar

Back Bar

Situational Gear and Skills

If you struggle with light attack weaving, then you can always swap the Kinra's Wrath gear out for Tzogvin's Warband. It will hit a little less hard then the Kinra's Wrath but is still very good. If you are swapping sets, you should swap Barbed Trap for Ring of Preservation. As both Barbed Trap and Tzogvin's will provide minor force, you can swap Barbed Trap out for more survivability.

During boss fights you can swap Acid Spray out for Resolving Vigor for more self healing or Camouflaged Hunter to have more damage on the back bar.

Rotation and Use

You will want to prebuff with the Wild Guardian (make sure the bear is summoned), and Bull Netch before you engage with the enemies, you will then want to cast cast Subterranean Assault, followed by poison injection, endless hail, growing swarm and then winters revenge. Keep these dots up. You will be using Cutting Dive as your spammable until execute. When the boss is in execute you keep your dots up but will swap Cutting Dive to Poison Injection as the spammable. Camouflaged Hunter is just on the bar to boost your damage, we won't be casting this skill. When you are clearing trash, you mainly be on your back bar, cast Growing Swarm, Arrow Barrage, Winter's Revenge and then you can spam Acid Spray to kill the grouped up enemies. If the enemies have low life you could skip one of the area of effect abilities.


Class - All

Bow - All

Light Armor - All

Medium Armor - All

Fighters Guild - All

Undaunted - All

Racial Skills - All Alchemy - Medicinal Use 3/3 Provisioning - Connoisseur 3/3

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