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Starfield Classes: A Beginner's Guide to the Cosmos

Updated: Aug 23

Greetings, cosmic voyager! So, you've decided to embark on the grand odyssey that is Starfield. But before you jet off, let's get you acquainted with the classes that will shape your journey. Ready your thrusters, and let's dive in!

1. Beast Hunter: Playstyle: For those who like to tread where others fear, hunting the most formidable creatures of the universe.

  • Weapons: Ranged weapons for distant threats and melee for up-close encounters.

  • Attributes: Agility, Perception.

  • Gear: Lightweight armor for mobility, specialized gear for tracking.

  • Witty Tip: "If it growls, it's probably not friendly. But that's why you're here, right?"

2. Bouncer: Playstyle: The muscle of the group, ensuring peace (or chaos) wherever they go.

  • Weapons: Heavy melee weapons, personal shields.

  • Attributes: Strength, Endurance.

  • Gear: Heavy armor, protective gear.

  • Witty Tip: "When words fail, fists usually do the trick."

3. Bounty Hunter: Playstyle: The relentless tracker, always on the hunt for the next big score.

  • Weapons: Precision rifles, tracking gadgets.

  • Attributes: Perception, Intelligence.

  • Gear: Versatile armor, bounty tracking tools.

  • Witty Tip: "They can run, but they can't hide. Well, they can hide, but not for long."

4. Chef: Playstyle: Turning alien species into culinary delights. Who said space food has to be bland?

  • Weapons: Culinary tools turned weapons, flame throwers.

  • Attributes: Intelligence, Charisma.

  • Gear: Protective kitchen wear, ingredient scanner.

  • Starting Skills: Gastronomy, Duelling, Wellness.

  • Witty Tip: "The universe is your cookbook. Just... don't cook your teammates."

5. Combat Medic: Playstyle: Healing allies and taking down foes, because why choose between doctor and warrior?

  • Weapons: Medical tools, sidearms.

  • Attributes: Intelligence, Agility.

  • Gear: Medical kits, lightweight armor.

  • Starting Skills: Pistol Certification, Medicine, Weight Lifting.

  • Witty Tip: "A stitch in time saves nine, but a blaster shot saves the whole mission."

6. Cyber Runner: Playstyle: The tech-savvy rogue, hacking systems and enemies alike.

  • Weapons: Hacking tools, energy weapons.

  • Attributes: Intelligence, Perception.

  • Gear: Tech-enhanced armor, hacking kits.

  • Starting Skills: Pistol Certification, Security, Persuasion.

  • Witty Tip: "Why pick a lock when you can hack the door?"

7. Cyberneticist: Playstyle: Merging man and machine, for those who believe the future is cyber.

  • Weapons: Laser weapons, tech gadgets.

  • Attributes: Intelligence, Endurance.

  • Gear: Cybernetic enhancements, tech wear.

  • Starting Skills: Medicine, Robotics, Lasers.

  • Witty Tip: "You don't need a heart of gold when you have a chip of platinum."

8. Diplomat: Playstyle: Words as weapons, ensuring peace (or war) through dialogue.

  • Weapons: None. Words are mightier.

  • Attributes: Charisma, Intelligence.

  • Gear: Elegant attire, communication devices.

  • Starting Skills: Persuasion, Diplomacy, Bargaining.

  • Witty Tip: "Why shoot when you can charm?"

Other Classes (Details Pending):

  • Explorer

  • Gangster

  • Homesteader

  • Industrialist

  • Long Hauler

  • Pilgrim

  • Professor

  • Ronin

In Conclusion: Whether you're looking to charm, hack, cook, or shoot your way through the universe, Starfield has a class for you. Remember, in the vastness of space, your choices shape your destiny. Choose wisely, and may the stars guide your path!

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