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Starfield's Latest Update: A Deep Dive into the Cosmos of Improvements

Starfield Updates and improvements

Starfield Updates and Improvements

Starfield, Bethesda's ambitious space-faring RPG, has been the talk of the gaming community since its launch. While the game's vast universe, intricate mechanics, and gripping narrative have been lauded, it wasn't without its share of technical hiccups, especially on the PC. But fear not, space explorers! Bethesda has been hard at work, and the latest patch is here to address some of those concerns.

Starfield Update Version 1.7.29 – Fixes and Improvements



Performance and Stability


Xbox Series X


Enhanced stability related to installations.


Various stability and performance enhancements to diminish crashes and boost framerate.


Quest Name

All That Money Can Buy


Resolved an issue where player actions could lead to a quest blockade.

Quest Name

Into the Unknown


Addressed a problem that could prevent the quest from showing up post-game completion.

Quest Name

Shadows in Neon


Rectified an issue where player actions could lead to a quest blockade.

The update doesn't just stop at these fixes. The full patch notes, available on Steam, hint at the imminent arrival of Nvidia DLSS support, and for those with expansive monitors, 32:9 ultrawide support is on the horizon.

The gaming community's response post-patch has been overwhelmingly positive. A cursory glance at the Starfield subreddit reveals a plethora of fans expressing their contentment, not just about the incoming DLSS but also about the dedicated attention Bethesda is giving to the PC version. One fan aptly put it, “DLSS confirmed coming. Nice that we won’t have to rely on a mod, and hopefully this nukes the paid mod.”

Metacritic data prior to the patch indicated a 'mixed/average' score of 6.5, primarily from PC users unhappy with the game's performance. Bethesda is undoubtedly hoping that this update marks the beginning of a journey to elevate the game's quality and reputation.

In conclusion, while the vastness of space may be daunting, it's heartening to see Bethesda's commitment to refining and enhancing the Starfield experience. Here's to smoother space travels and fewer intergalactic bugs!

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