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Starfield Skills: A Comprehensive Guide

Starfield skills guide

Alright, spacefarers! Buckle up and get ready to dive deep into the universe of skills in Starfield. With a vast array of abilities at your disposal, mastering the right skills can make the difference between a successful space explorer and a cosmic castaway. Let's embark on this journey of skill mastery together!

Starfield Skills: A Beginner's Guide

Starfield boasts a whopping 82 unique skills spread across five distinct skill trees. Each skill tree is meticulously designed to cater to different aspects of gameplay, ensuring that players have a diverse range of abilities to choose from.

The Skill Trees:

  1. Physical: These skills focus on your character's physical prowess. Whether it's boosting your stamina for those long spacewalks or enhancing your agility for dodging asteroid debris, the Physical tree has got you covered.

  2. Social: Diplomacy is key in the vast expanse of space. The Social tree equips you with the necessary skills to negotiate, persuade, and even intimidate when the situation demands it.

  3. Combat: For those inevitable space skirmishes, the Combat tree is your go-to. Hone your marksmanship, master melee combat, and become a force to be reckoned with.

  4. Science: The universe is a mystery waiting to be unraveled. The Science tree allows players to delve into the intricacies of space, from understanding alien technologies to crafting potent concoctions.

  5. Tech: In a world dominated by advanced technologies, the Tech tree is essential. Upgrade your gear, hack into systems, and always stay one step ahead of your adversaries.

Unlocking Skills:

Each skill in Starfield comes with four ranks. As you progress in the game, you'll earn skill points which can be invested in these skills. The more you invest in a particular skill, the more proficient you become, unlocking new abilities and enhancements.

Tips for Skill Mastery:

  1. Diversify: While it's tempting to pour all your points into one tree, a balanced skill set can open up diverse gameplay opportunities.

  2. Play to Your Strengths: If you're a diplomatic player, focus on the Social tree. If you're all about action, the Combat tree is your best friend.

  3. Experiment: The universe of Starfield is vast. Don't be afraid to try out different skills and find the combination that suits your playstyle best.

As you embark on your cosmic journey in Starfield, it's crucial to understand the skills at your disposal. These skills will shape your character, influence your interactions, and determine your proficiency in various tasks. Let's dive deep into the universe of Starfield skills and uncover the mysteries they hold.



Rank 1 Benefits

Unlock Rank 1

Rank 2 Benefits

Unlock Rank 2

Rank 3 Benefits

Unlock Rank 3

Boxing Skill

Enhance your hand-to-hand combat prowess.

Basic punch damage.

Engage in melee combat.

Enhanced punch damage.

Win 10 fistfights.

Master punch damage.

Win 50 fistfights.

Fitness Skill

Boost your physical endurance and stamina.

Basic stamina boost.

Engage in physical activities.

Enhanced stamina boost.

Run 10km in-game.

Master stamina boost.

Run 50km in-game.

Stealth Skill

Move silently and remain undetected.

Basic stealth ability.

Sneak around enemies.

Enhanced strength boost.

Sneak past 50 enemies.

Master stealth ability.

Sneak past 200 enemies.

Weight Lifting Skill

Increase your strength and carry capacity.

Basic strength boost.

Lift objects.

Enhanced strength boost.

Lift heavier objects.

Master strength boost.

Lift the heaviest objects.

Wellness Skill

Enhance your overall health and well-being.

Basic health boost.

Maintain health.

Enhanced health boost.

Use health items.

Master health boost.

Stay healthy for extended periods.

Energy Weapon Dissipation Skill

Improve energy weapon handling.

Basic weapon handling.

Use energy weapons.

Enhanced weapon handling.

Use more energy weapons.

Master weapon handling.

Become an expert in energy weapons.

Environmental Conditioning Skill

Adapt to various environmental conditions.

Basic adaptation.

Experience different environments.

Enhanced adaptation.

Spend extended time in harsh conditions.

Master adaptation.

Survive the harshest conditions.

Gymnastics Skill

Enhance agility and flexibility.

Basic agility boost.

Perform agile maneuvers.

Enhanced agility boost.

Complete complex maneuvers.

Master agility boost.

Become a gymnastics expert.

Nutrition Skill

Understand and utilize optimal nutrition.

Basic nutrition knowledge.

Consume balanced meals.

Enhanced nutrition knowledge.

Study nutrition.

Master nutrition knowledge.

Become a nutrition expert.

Pain Tolerance Skill

Withstand and manage pain effectively.

Basic pain management.

Experience pain.

Enhanced pain management.

Endure significant pain.

Master pain management.

Withstand extreme pain.



Rank 1 Benefits

Unlock Rank 1

Rank 2 Benefits

Unlock Rank 2

Rank 3 Benefits

Unlock Rank 3

Cellular Regeneration Skill

Accelerate your body's natural healing.

Basic healing rate.

Recover from minor injuries.

Enhanced healing rate.

Recover from moderate injuries.

Master healing rate.

Recover from severe injuries.

Decontamination Skill

Protect yourself from harmful contaminants.

Basic resistance to toxins.

Encounter minor toxins.

Enhanced resistance to toxins.

Survive moderate toxin exposure.

Master resistance to toxins.

Survive high toxin exposure.

Martial Arts Skill

Master the art of hand-to-hand combat.

Basic martial arts moves.

Engage in unarmed combat.

Advanced martial arts moves.

Defeat 20 enemies unarmed.

Expert martial arts moves.

Defeat 100 enemies unarmed.

Concealment Skill

Hide objects and yourself effectively.

Basic concealment techniques.

Hide objects from view.

Advanced concealment techniques.

Hide larger objects.

Expert concealment techniques.

Hide in plain sight.

Neurostrikes Skill

Target enemy's neural pathways.

Basic neural strikes.

Engage in neural combat.

Advanced neural strikes.

Stun 20 enemies.

Expert neural strikes.

Paralyze 50 enemies.

Rejuvenation Skill

Refresh and revitalize your body.

Basic rejuvenation techniques.

Rest and recover.

Advanced rejuvenation techniques.

Use rejuvenation tools.

Expert rejuvenation techniques.

Master the art of rejuvenation.

Commerce Skill

Master the art of trade and negotiation.

Basic trade benefits.

Engage in trade.

Enhanced trade benefits.

Establish trade routes.

Expert trade benefits.

Become a trade mogul.

Gastronomy Skill

Understand and create culinary delights.

Basic cooking skills.

Cook simple meals.

Advanced cooking skills.

Cook gourmet meals.

Expert cooking skills.

Become a master chef.

Persuasion Skill

Influence others with your words.

Basic persuasion techniques.

Engage in dialogue.

Advanced persuasion techniques.

Persuade 20 individuals.

Expert persuasion techniques.

Win 50 verbal confrontations.

Scavenging Skill

Find and collect valuable resources.

Basic scavenging skills.

Collect basic resources.

Advanced scavenging skills.

Find rare resources.

Expert scavenging skills.

Discover the rarest of resources.



Rank 1 Benefits

Unlock Rank 1

Rank 2 Benefits

Unlock Rank 2

Rank 3 Benefits

Unlock Rank 3

Theft Skill

Master the art of stealthy acquisition.

Basic theft techniques.

Steal minor items.

Advanced theft techniques.

Steal valuable items.

Expert theft techniques.

Steal without ever being detected.

Deception Skill

Trick and mislead for your advantage.

Basic deception tactics.

Mislead minor NPCs.

Advanced deception tactics.

Trick experienced NPCs.

Expert deception tactics.

Deceive anyone, anytime.

Diplomacy Skill

Navigate complex social situations.

Basic diplomatic techniques.

Resolve minor disputes.

Advanced diplomatic techniques.

Establish peace between factions.

Expert diplomatic techniques.

Become a beacon of peace in the galaxy.

Intimidation Skill

Use fear as a tool.

Basic intimidation tactics.

Scare off weak foes.

Advanced intimidation tactics.

Deter moderate foes.

Expert intimidation tactics.

Make even the bravest foes think twice.

Isolation Skill

Survive and thrive in solitude.

Basic survival techniques.

Spend a day alone in space.

Advanced survival techniques.

Spend a week in isolation.

Expert survival techniques.

Thrive in the most desolate conditions.

Negotiation Skill

Strike deals and agreements.

Basic negotiation techniques.

Seal minor deals.

Advanced negotiation techniques.

Establish major contracts.

Expert negotiation techniques.

Secure the most lucrative deals in the galaxy.

Instigation Skill

Stir the pot and cause chaos.

Basic instigation tactics.

Cause minor disturbances.

Advanced instigation tactics.

Start major conflicts.

Expert instigation tactics.

Become the spark that lights the fire.

Leadership Skill

Lead and inspire.

Basic leadership techniques.

Lead a small team.

Advanced leadership techniques.

Command a crew.

Expert leadership techniques.

Inspire entire civilizations.

Outpost Management Skill

Oversee and manage outposts.

Basic management techniques.

Manage a small outpost.

Advanced management techniques.

Oversee a major outpost.

Expert management techniques.

Run the most successful outposts in space.

Manipulation Skill

Influence others covertly.

Basic manipulation techniques.

Sway minor NPCs.

Advanced manipulation techniques.

Control major NPCs.

Expert manipulation techniques.

Pull the strings from the shadows.

The universe of Starfield is not just about exploration and discovery, but also about mastering the tools and skills at your disposal. Whether you're looking to become the galaxy's top gunslinger, a master of diplomacy, or the captain of the most advanced ship, there's a skill for you. Stay tuned for our next installment as we continue to explore the vast skillset of Starfield. Adventure, challenges, and the unknown await!

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