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Starfield Spaceships & Ship Builder: Crafting Your Cosmic Dream

Starfield spaceships

Greetings, spacefarers! Ready to embark on an interstellar journey aboard your very own spaceship? Dive into the vast universe of Starfield's ship customization and let's craft a vessel that's uniquely yours!

The Ship Builder: Your Cosmic Workshop:

Starfield's ship customization is a central feature of Bethesda's new RPG. Think of it as your personal space garage, where you can build your ship like a Lego set using modular parts. These parts not only give your ship its unique look but also offer various functionalities.

Where to Customize?: Your journey begins at the Space Ports. Here, you can chat with the Ship Technician to repair, buy, sell, and modify ships. Want a fresh coat of paint? Use the color bars to pick any hue and adjust the saturation and brightness to your liking.

Ship Parts & Their Functions:

  1. Cowling: Shapes your ship and is mostly for aesthetics.

  2. Shield Generator: Provides a protective shield. The stronger, the better!

  3. Docker: Lets you dock and board other ships or space stations.

  4. Fuel Tank: Stores the fuel. Essential for those long space journeys.

  5. Graviton Loop Array/Grav Drive: Enables jumps between star systems.

  6. Weapons: Three main types to choose from:

  • Energy: Targets shields.

  • Ballistic: Damages the hull.

  • Electromagnetic (EM): Disrupts systems.

  1. Habitat Modules: Configurations for crew space.

  2. Engines: Dictates speed and acceleration. Remember, the ship's mass affects engine power.

  3. Cockpit: The captain's chair!

  4. Cargo Hold: More space for your space loot.

  5. Reactor: Likely the primary energy source. Could determine how many modules you can add.

  6. Bay: Multiple types, including landing and crafting bays.

  7. Landing Gears: Helps with those smooth landings. Different terrains might need different gears.

Ship Stats & Their Importance:

  • LAS: Laser damage strength.

  • BAL: Ballistic damage strength.

  • MSL: Missile damage strength.

  • Hull: The ship's exterior integrity.

  • Shield: Strength of your protective barrier.

  • Cargo: Inventory space.

  • Crew: Number of onboard members.

  • Jump Range: How far you can travel between star systems.

  • Mobility: Ship maneuverability.

  • Top Speed: Maximum flight speed.

  • Mass: Ship's weight, affecting engine power.

Designing Your Dream Ship:

  1. Purpose First: Combat, exploration, or trade? Decide your ship's primary role.

  2. Mix & Match: Combine different ship parts for functionality and aesthetics.

  3. Upgrade & Evolve: As you progress, keep an eye out for advanced modules and parts.

Combat-Ready Starships: While the specifics on the best combat ships are yet to be detailed, a well-shielded ship with a balanced mix of all weapon types, coupled with a skilled crew, is likely to dominate space battles.

Tips for Aspiring Ship Builders:

  1. Know Thy Ship: The better you know your ship, the better you'll pilot it.

  2. Space Fashion: A good-looking ship is a happy ship. Don't neglect aesthetics!

  3. Safety First: Space is vast and unpredictable. Always have a backup plan.

In Conclusion: Starfield's ship builder offers an unparalleled level of customization. Whether you're looking to engage in epic space battles, explore uncharted territories, or simply cruise the stars in style, there's a ship out there with your name on it. So, gear up, spacefarer! The universe awaits, and with this guide, you're more than ready to conquer it.

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