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The Elder Scrolls Online: ESO Endless Archive - Preview Guide

Endless Archive


The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is set to introduce an exciting new PvE activity: the Endless Archive. This unique, ever-changing dungeon promises endless exploration and challenges for both solo players and teams.

Dive into the Mystery of Apocrypha

The Endless Archive is one of the infinite libraries in Hermaeus Mora’s realm, Apocrypha. However, a sinister Daedra seeks to taint the vast knowledge stored within its walls. Master Malkhest, the guardian of the archive, beckons you to face this new adversary.


The Endless Archive will be available with the Update 40 base-game patch, launching on October 30 for PC/Mac and November 14 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. This PvE activity is a free addition for all ESO players. Access it via your in-game map or the physical entrance in Apocrypha (for those who own the Necrom Chapter). ESO Plus members receive a bonus: a +10% increase to Archival Fortunes gains.

Endless Challenges Await

  • Dynamic Stages: The Endless Archive offers a variety of stages, each with its own set of challenges, monsters, and bosses from across Nirn. Every journey into the Archive is unique due to its randomly generated stages.

  • Cycles and Arcs: An expedition consists of Cycles, with each Cycle having three Stages followed by a boss battle. After completing four Cycles, you'll face a special boss exclusive to the Endless Archive, marking the completion of an Arc. But the adventure doesn't stop there; you can continue delving into more Stages, Cycles, and Arcs, with increasing difficulty.

  • Survival Mechanisms: Your journey has a limited number of allowed deaths. To aid your progress, collect two special boons: Verses (short-term buffs) and Visions (long-term buffs). These boons, like the Flame Aura or Crystalline Support, can significantly influence your expedition's success.

Rewards Beyond Measure

  • Unique Collectibles: As you venture deeper, you'll have the chance to obtain exclusive in-game items, including mounts, pets, cosmetics, and the all-new Class sets. These Class sets enhance the abilities of ESO's seven distinct classes, aligning with specific Skill Lines.

  • Archival Fortunes: This unique currency, earned within the Endless Archive, can be exchanged for consumables, Class set items, style pages, and special buffs to enhance future runs in the Archive.

Endless Possibilities

The Endless Archive offers a fresh, dynamic PvE challenge where every expedition is distinct. Conquer Stages, Cycles, and Arcs, face increasing threats, and earn unparalleled rewards. Are you prepared for this new adventure?

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