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The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Cyrodiil in Elder Scrolls Online

guide to cyrodiil

Ah, Cyrodiil! The heart of Tamriel, a land where alliances clash, and the Ruby Throne beckons the worthy. Whether you're a seasoned warrior or a fresh recruit, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the treacherous terrains of Cyrodiil and claim victory for your alliance. So, strap on your armor, sharpen your blade, and let's dive into the nitty-gritty of Cyrodiil warfare!

Map of cryodiil
Map of cryodiil

1. The Lay of the Land: Understanding Cyrodiil's Map Cyrodiil is vast, with keeps, resources, and points of interest dotting its landscape. Each keep is interconnected, forming a strategic network. If you see broken lines connecting keeps on the map, it means the connection is severed, preventing enemies from spawning and reinforcing their positions.

2. Resources: More Than Just Loot Each keep is surrounded by three crucial resources: Farms, Lumber Mills, and Mines.

  • Farms: Boost the health of defenders within a keep.

  • Lumber Mills: Strengthen the keep's doors.

  • Mines: Fortify the keep's walls.

Capturing Resources: Approach the flag at the resource's center, defeat all NPC defenders, and stand near the flag until it changes to your alliance's color.

3. Keeps: The Crown Jewels of Cyrodiil To capture a keep:

  • Towers: Start by seizing the outer towers to weaken defenses.

  • Inner Keep: Once the outer defenses are down, storm the inner sanctum.

  • Flags: Some keeps have multiple flags. All must be captured to claim the keep.

EP controlling ring

4. The Emperorship: Not Just a Fancy Title To be crowned Emperor:

  • Your alliance must control all six keeps surrounding the Imperial City.

  • You must top the Alliance Points leaderboard in your faction.

  • Once Emperor, defend your title! Emperors get powerful bonuses, but can be dethroned if enemies capture the necessary keeps.

5. Siege Equipment: When Brute Force Just Isn't Enough

  • Trebuchets & Ballistae: Perfect for battering walls.

  • Battering Rams: Ideal for doors.

  • Catapults: Launch various projectiles, from boulders to disease-ridden corpses.

  • Siege Repair Kits: Always handy to fix those pesky breaches.

6. Tactical Mastery: Outsmarting Your Foes

  • Scout Ahead: Knowledge is power. Send scouts to gauge enemy strength.

  • Divide & Conquer: While the main force attacks head-on, send a smaller group to flank or capture resources.

  • Communication: Keep the lines open. A well-informed army is a victorious one.

  • Retreat & Regroup: If things go south, retreat, regroup, and strike again.

7. Buffs: Boosting Your Battle Prowess Cyrodiil is home to various buffs that can enhance your combat capabilities. From Mundus Stones like The Apprentice and The Warrior to special set bonuses like the Indomitable Fury or the Battlefield Acrobat, always be on the lookout for these game-changers.

8. Daily Quests: More Than Just Errands Engage in daily quests like "Death to the Black Daggers" or "The Lich" to earn rewards like Cyrodiil Citrus and Alliance Points. These not only boost your alliance's efforts but also provide personal progression.

cyrodiil delves

9. Delves: Not Just for Dungeon Dwellers Delves in Cyrodiil are not only treasure troves of loot but also sources of valuable buffs. By clearing out a delve and defeating its boss, you earn a bonus to your Alliance Points gained for a certain duration. This buff is persistent, even through death, making delves a strategic point of interest for those looking to maximize their contributions to the war effort.

10. Strategic Bonuses: The Perks of Dominance Capturing specific keeps, resources, and outposts can grant your faction special bonuses:

  • Elder Scrolls: Holding an Elder Scroll grants bonuses to health, stamina, and magicka. Each alliance has two home scrolls, but with bravery and strategy, you can capture enemy scrolls and bring them to your territory.

  • Keeps: Owning all the keeps around the Imperial City grants the opportunity for one of your alliance members to become Emperor.

  • Outposts: These provide forward operating bases, making it easier to launch attacks or defend territories.


11. The Volendrung: Power at a Price The legendary artifact, the Volendrung, is a game-changer on the battlefield. Here's what you need to know:

  • Spawning: The hammer randomly spawns at one of the numerous set locations in Cyrodiil, announced with a map-wide notification.

  • Skills: Wielding the Volendrung grants you a completely new skill bar, replacing your regular skills with powerful new ones tailored to smashing keeps and slaughtering enemies.

  • Power: The hammer is immensely powerful, allowing players to take on large groups of enemies or deal significant damage to structures.

  • The Catch: The power of the Volendrung comes at a cost. If you don't feed the hammer by killing enemies, it will consume your life force, leading to your death. So, wield it wisely and aggressively!

In Conclusion: Cyrodiil is a land of strategy, power plays, and ever-shifting allegiances. Whether you're delving into dungeons for buffs, capturing keeps for strategic advantage, or wielding the mighty Volendrung to turn the tide of battle, always remember: in the Alliance War, knowledge is as powerful as the sharpest blade. Equip yourself with both, and you'll be unstoppable.

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