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The Gaming Cave Stream Team

The Gaming Cave Stream Team is a Twitch Stream team founded by ManCaveGaming.  It is a collective group of streamers that embrace inclusivity and creativity.

Meet the Stream Team Members

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My name is Man Cave and I frequently stream with my partner Ma'am Cave. Our goals is to create positive gaming experiences, with online communities that are inculsive and supportive. Our streams are high energy, with active viewer participation, and a wide demographic reach.

Mr. ManCave - Father - Dog Dad - Gamer - Streamer | Elder Scrolls Official Stream Team Member | For the Pact | Interests: ESO - GTA - DnD - RP - Twitch TV | ESO Giveaways



Hi, I'm Mox, part-time content creator on Twitch and leader of the Moxiety Society. I stream Elder Scrolls Online primarily, with a casual community focus. We keep the stream interactive and fun, and I am often playing with viewers. I keep busy otherwise with 4 cats, the hubs, and work full-time in web development. We hope you'll stop by, and be sure to vote for pancakes!


Lord Kruxis

Hello! I'm Charles. I'm a casual gamer from Canada. I live with my girlfriend Britt, and our two dogs, Odin and Oliver.  You'll probably hear them playing with their squeaky toys in stream. New to being a Father  to our Baby Victor! I work full time, so I stream when I can. But in particular, I enjoy playing MMOs and shooters.



Oh hey... didn't see you there... BataXp here! I'm a traditional artist with some XP-erience in the digital art world. Along with art, I also spend some of my free time playing games like ESO, Apex Legends, and even some Destiny! I do take art commissions. So if you're a new streamer looking to build your brand or even a seasoned content creator looking for a fresh new look I'm your guy! We have a great time in the #BATAHouse and welcome in all the new peeps! So I hope to see you in chat, let's gain some XP together!

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This is your Capt’n, Daimhin (Day-Me-In) Chaotic, the King of Chaos, and Savant of Mayhem & Madness. I am the craziest Pistol Packin’ Pirate Preacher to ever sail out of the 7 seas of Hell itself (Phx, AZ). I am a retired Paramedic, Army Air Cavalry Scout, yes, the Stetson wearing, 'I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning' – “Apocalypse Now 1979” military cowboys. I have loved playing games from tabletop RPGs like D&D, Vampire the Masquerade, old quarter arcade games like Galaga ’88 (yes, I am that old), Tekken, old console games on Sega Saturn and PlayStation, SNES and now to PC. I can be spotted playing The Elder Scrolls online, Goose Goose Duck and other community centric games. If I am not live meself I am always around in me fellow streamers communities hanging out and causing as much chaos and fun as I can. So please come sail with us and hoist ye colors with the Gaming Cave and be part of this wonderful family!



Elder Scrolls Online NA/PC player | ESO Hard Mode Stream Team | ♡ GuildMaster of Neli’s Misfits and the one-of-a-kind community of Misfits! ♡ | PVPer on a mission to decrease ToXiCiTy ♡



Hey! I'm Nisha! I'm married to my bestfriend & a stay at home mom of 3. I love doing mommy tings & creating content for my amazing community! I love Coffee, Simulations, Gir, RPGs, Coffee, FPSs, Socks, Coffee and talking to myself! I hope you enjoy the vibes and escape reality with me!



Leader of the Big Boy Nation | Twitch Affiliate | Content Creator



Oh, Hello! Your favorite drummer guy here. (What was I supposed to say here? OH YEAH) Proud member of the Gaming Cave who loves to be picked on by our fearless leader! Behind closed doors he is kind to me, but on streams? Well, you have seen it! I am a Father of two, husband, ESO lovin drummer of Labor XII who loves just hanging out and having a great time! You might be able to tell that I am a HUGE Indiana Jones fan too! (Beth, don't screw that one up! and I can't wait to play it!) So come on by when I am live and have a great time! MUCH LOVE and I'll catch you on the flip side!


Coming soon


Hey I’m Yicky, I play Elder Scrolls Online with my SO Bel along with a few other games. Tank Specialist, Bow build enthusiast, and positive player. I have a passion for helping new and long term players and am a member of the Wounded Warrior Project stream team. Email: | Website:

Hi, I'm Tarhele (pronounced Tarheel), part time content creator, full time cyber security professional. I primarily stream Elder Scrolls Online with a focus on helping new players grow, endgame content and community. The goal is to provide a laid back, interactive, community driven environment. Feel free to come hang out, ask questions, and cause all the shenanigans you like (within the rules). I am a husband, father of three kids, two dogs and two cats. When I am not gaming or working, I am typically either doing family things, hunting, fishing, woodworking, restoring cars, or cooking on the firepit and grill, or baking.

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